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What is an ACH API and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

An ACH API is able
to offer the opportunity for developers and “software as a service” (SAAS) platforms
to debit and credit bank accounts by making use of the ACH network by using
an Application Program Interface, more commonly known as an API. This enables
the automatic ACH payment collection, disbursement and reconciliation.

If you have an
application that makes use of a recurring or subscription payment-based setup,
making use of an effective ACH Payment Gateway API is a real game changer
and will ensure a seamless user experience for platform users.

What are the Benefits of an ACH API?

You might be trying
to get your head around how ACH APIs will benefit your business. If you have
some knowledge of credit cards, ACH transactions are completed differently to
credit cards.

Credit cards make
use of an authorization component that tells the biller immediately that their
payment has gone through. The ACH doesn’t do this, as it operates in what is
known as a “batch environment”. This means that it can take upwards of 1 to 3
days before an issue or problem with a payment can become known. This form of
payment may be most suitable to bigger organisations who need to process a monthly
payment for each of their customers over a similar timeframe. But, it wouldn’t
be as attractive for a business who may need immediate confirmation of payment
in order to ship a product to their customer.

There are also
differences in terms of cost between the two methods described above. For
credit cards, it can cost around two or three percent of a transaction amount to
successfully process the payment. This is in contrast to an ACH payment, which usually
charges somewhere between 25 and 50 cents per transaction. Of course, these
costs can add up.

A good advantage of
an ACH payment over a credit card payment is that there are much higher decline
rates with credit cards. This is not as big an issue for ACH payments,
especially when you are needing recurring billing. This makes ACH payments an attractive

Another advantage
of an ACH payment over a credit card is that not every customer will have a
credit card. Also, for those customers that do have a credit card that they can
process a payment with, it provides another method for sending payment in case
for whatever reason that payment can’t be taken from a credit card, or if the card
has expired or has been stolen. If you have two payment methods, it will save
time in trying to track down missed payments.

If you are a
business who is looking for an ACH
API integration
, you may wish to contact https://www.agilepayments.com/.

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Of PEEPS Donuts and Donut Sticks in 2019

New donuts launched in two of the major fast-food
chains in 2019.

the fierce competition among fast-food chains, it’s imperative for their
management to introduce new products to encourage more customers into their
restaurants. Dunkin’
and McDonald’s are no exception to
the rule!

are the new offerings that the fast-food giants have launched in recent months.
We think that people with the proverbial sweet tooth will find these foods to
their liking, especially the ones who can’t get enough of donuts. 


better way to welcome the spring season than with an Easter treat? According to
Dunkin’ Donuts, the best Easter treat is PEEPS and it will be featuring a few
PEEPS marshmallow-flavored items including espresso and coffee drinks, as well
as a PEEPS donut with a yellow chick as topping. The yellow chick is a
whimsical touch since it’s a symbol of Easter in many parts of the world. 

treats will be available starting in April 1 and for a limited time afterwards.
According to Dunkin’ Donuts, the PEEPS Donut will consist of a delectable
combination of white icing with green, egg-shaped sprinkle blend and the mini
yellow PEEPS marshmallow chick as topping. This should be a slightly sweeter
concoction than the usual donut, thanks to the PEEPS marshmallow but it won’t
be too sweet that you can’t finish an entire donut or two.

then there’s the PEEPS Marshmallow Flavored Coffee, a creamy combo of Dunkin’s
signature coffee and classic PEEPS marshmallows. This is available in hot and
cold coffee drinks, as well as in espresso drinks, frozen chocolate drinks, and
frozen coffee drinks. Hopefully, the strong coffee flavor will cut through the
sweetness of the marshmallow resulting in more balanced flavor. 

if the PEEPS donuts and drinks aren’t enough excitement for a Dunkin’ Donuts
fan, then the free coffee and donuts will increase the anticipation. Mark your
calendars, ladies and gents, since from April 2 to 4, Dunkin’ Donuts customers
will provide free donuts and coffee to customers in selected locations! 

chain’s coffee car and Peepsmobile, both of which are customized vehicles, will
travel to six Dunkin’ shops during the 3-day period. Their route will start at
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of PEEPS, and end in Quincy,
Massachusetts, the birthplace of Dunkin’ Donuts. Call it going back to your
roots or giving back to your hometown but whatever it is, you may want to check
out the complete route and take advantage of the freebies. 

keeping with its tradition of seasonal products, the donut and beverage-centric
chain has also launched new spring menu items; these will be available starting
on April 1 and available at selected Dunkin’ outlets nationwide for a limited
period. These items include Sweet Sriracha Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, Chocolate
Cherry Cold Brew, Frozen Lemonade, and Iced Tea Lemonade.

if you’re a fan of PEEPS, you will be happy to know that there will be new
flavors released for the favorite marshmallows. These are Easter-inspired
flavors including pancakes and syrup, cotton candy, root beer float, chocolate
caramel swirl, orange sherbet with crème-flavored fudge, and blue
raspberry.  Perhaps you can pair them
with the Dunkin’ Donuts PEEPS donuts – after all, sweet upon sweet has its

Donut Sticks

may not be known for its desserts but it’s definitely trying. The Donut Sticks
are its latest effort in attracting more customers to its restaurants and we
have to say that it may well succeed. 
These are only available during the breakfast hours and best paired with
McCafe coffee, if you want the coffee to cut through the sweetness of the donut

for those wondering if Donut Sticks sounds suspiciously like Donut Fries, a
Dunkin’ Donut product, then you’re right. But there are enough differences
between the two that a fast-food fan can tell the difference even without
labels attached to them.

the Donut Sticks are similar to churros in that both are fried dough with a
generous covering of cinnamon sugar. But the Donut Sticks aren’t crunchy,
unlike churros, and these are much shorter in length than typical churros.

Sticks are also flakier, as well as with a light and airy texture like a
croissant. Think of these sticks as the idea of McDonald’s to marry as many
pastries as possible and, hopefully, create something relatively new-ish. The
dusting of sugar and cinnamon is just right so it doesn’t overwhelm the dough
and add too much sweetness. 

come as a six-in-a-pack item for an affordable price.

can either eat Donut Sticks on their own, preferably with coffee, or eat them
as dessert after a breakfast meal. But keep in mind that these pack a punch in
terms of calories so sharing a pack of Donut Sticks make nutrition sense.

something good to be said about being updated with the news coming from the top
fast-food joints. At the very least, you will have great food to share on your
social media accounts. 

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7 Ways to Use Glass Boards to Entirely Change the Look of your Office Ambiance

Would you like working in an office space
with a boring and dull looking interior? Obviously, you would like to work in a
space having an atmosphere that gives positive vibes. Thus, adding charm and
elegance to your office’s interior is important because appealing interior
décor and aesthetics not only attract skilled employees but also allow them to
work wholeheartedly.

While other office interiors bring positivity to your office ambiance, you can’t ignore office boards. And glass board has become trending in the contemporary architecture and office interior designs.

From crystal clear glass to etched one;
colorful printed glass to lacquered one, glass boards of various types allow
you can express creativity at the workplace.

We have compiled a list of 7 ways to use
glass board to change the entire look of your office ambiance.

Use a glass marker board to
promote visibility

In contemporary office space, the appearance
and quality of boards not only increases functionality but adores the whole
atmosphere. Glass marker boards are an ideal pick when it comes to visibility
and durability. You can use these stainless boards to write on as it’s easy to
remove permanent marker from them.

Glass marker boards provide an appealing and sleek look to conference rooms, meeting rooms, and other visible sittings, allowing you to enjoy natural light as well. Depending on your room’s size, you can pick any size or design to promote brightness and express creativity.

Mobile glass boards are

Mobile glass boards are highly functional
and appealing. It’s a brainstorming idea to reach any part of office space for
short sessions.

Mobile boards can be used for functional
office partition, allowing you to enjoy openness. You can move mobile glass
boards anywhere because you don’t need to fix them on a wall.

Using these board is the most innovative
idea to promote interpersonal communication and sleekness in office because of
their minimalistic nature.

Encourage watercolor effect

You can’t ignore the importance of informal
communication in an office space. Your office’s cafeteria, space around the
coffee machine and water cooler or any other informal area are the places where
informal communication among employees take place and they get some relax from
hectic work routine.

Thus, promoting the watercolor effect in
these areas enhance interpersonal communication, thus increasing the work
productivity of employees. Studies show that watercolor effect increase work
productivity by 15%.

Thus, installing watercolor glass boards not only enhance the interaction of employees but also bring them together and motivate them, increasing efficiency and job satisfaction.

Avoid multiple layers

Would you like to look at an overloaded
notice board with a lot of unnecessary papers? Where glass notice board
increase the visuals of the workplace, keeping them clean and simple is
important. Multiple layers of papers on notice boards not only look weird but
increase the irritation and viewer may just ignore it.

Thus, take old notices and papers down
every day and keep notice board with current notices and updates. It will
provide ease to employees to stay tuned with what’s new in just a glance.

Assign notice board clean-up task to a
person so that it may happen regularly.

Polaroid boards are fun

Polaroid boards are trending now because
they add a fun element to the working besides increasing visuals. Title a glass
board with your favorite quote or silly caption and place a Polaroid camera

It provides your employees with an
opportunity to snap frank photos of themselves and their colleagues to have
some fun at the workplace.

If you have installed a custom magnetic
glass board
, then it’s even more fun and simple as you can stick the camera
to the surface of the rare magnet. Take a whiteboard marker and write funny,
silly or amusing caption near it. To make it happen, use a rare-earth magnet,
an ordinary magnet may not serve the cause as they are way weak.

You can also challenge employees to take the worst selfie and display it on notice board, it’s just fun!

Display portfolio to motivate

Did you ever imagine a glass board can
motivate your employees and impress clients? Yes, now you can do it with glass

Use a tempered glass board or other
colorful boards to display your portfolio. It can motivate your employees to
improve their attitude toward work and be more loyal to your organization.

If your clients give a frequent visit to your office, displaying a portfolio can be a great way to win their trust and also to congratulate your employees who participated to make the related project successful.

Colored boards promote

Colored glass board is a creative way to
give your business edge. In a modern office space, the ambiance of your space
is the first impression for clients who walk into your space.

Colors create a profound impact on them to
look at your company and brand. Using colored glass boards, such as red, blue
and orange boards, provide your customers with a sense of freshness and
loyalty. It also tends to turn your workspace to a more exciting and creative

Final words

Glass boards are a great way to promote
interpersonal dynamics of your office space and bring your employees together.
Utilize above glass board ideas to use them in a unique way to increase the
visuals of your workspace and encourage positive vibes.

But above all, when purchasing a glass
board, don’t compromise on its quality. Be sure to go for a supplier who offers
quality products within your budget.

When it comes to quality and affordability,
Fab Glass and Mirror is your no. 1 partner that offers you a range of glass
boards within your budget. Contact them or visit their site for high-quality

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Discover the 7 Top Destinations in Rhodes Island in Greece

Rhodes is among the most wonderful Greek Island filled with history
and natural beauty. It is the largest of the Dodecanese complex and it is
famous for its unique Old Town, mesmerizing sandy beaches, and its romantic
atmosphere. Rhodes is filled with a plethora of thrilling landmarks and amazing
things to see from exploring Medieval Town, visiting the scenic village of
Lindos, and many other activities to try out. Here are the best destinations in
Rhodes Island that you can visit are listed below. If you rent a car in Rhodes , you will be
able to explore the following places with flexibility and absolute free of mind
and avoid public transport. 

Old Rhodes City

Old Rhodes City

The old city of Rhodes is regarded as the largest medieval city
across Europe. It is also considered to be among the most important monuments
of cultural heritage on the international level and it is then declared a
UNESCO World Heritage City in 1988. The old city is filled with iconic
landmarks that you can explore from the narrow streets to the medieval churches
to classical architecture, to museum and galleries. The city is also filled
with shops, bars, and restaurants that you can pass the time. You should also
make sure that you get to the top of the walls of this medieval town where you
will get panoramic views of the surrounding.


Lindos Rhodes

Lindos can be found on the slopes of a stunning hill and it is just
south of the capital town. The town features whitewashed houses, hidden alleys,
pebble-paved courtyards, and buildings of Medieval, Byzantine, and Arab style.
The highlight of the Lindos is the imposing Acropolis which is located on the
top of a rocky hill that overlooks the picturesque Bay of Saint Paul. The
Acropolis is the ancient town of Lindos which was founded by the Dorians in the
10th century, it is still filled with lots of things to explore. Some of the
top monuments that you should not miss at the Acropolis are the temple of Athena
Lindia, Propylaea of the Sanctuary, and so on.

Valley of Butterflies

valley of butterflies rhodes

This is the most beautiful part of the island and it can be found
when you travel to the western side of Rhodes. You will be awestruck with the
immeasurable beauty of the area. It is also the home of the colorful and
gracious butterfly species known as panaxia Quadripunctaria. One of the best
ways to explore here is by strolling around the footpaths among the lush
greenery and the streams while you enjoy the magic of the valley which will
give you nerve-wracking sensation.



The long beach of Tsambika is among the places that you should not
miss during your trip to Rhodes. The beach is the perfect place to go for
relaxation, it also features golden sand and clear turquoise waters. The beach
is also close to the popular Monastery of Tsambika that stands on the top of an
imposing rock. The beach can be found 25km south of Rhodes Town with lots of
thrilling and fun amenities and fun water sports.

Seven Springs

seven springs rhodes

It can be found 30km southeast of the Island’s capital and located
in a magnificent place filled with pine and palm trees. This is an ideal place
to visit during the hot summer due to its natural shade offered by the trees
which create a cool atmosphere. The lake comprises of seven springs where you
will get to see ducks, peacocks, and geese. Some of the best ways to enjoy this
tourist destination are by enjoying a meal in the nearby restaurant or you can
enjoy the scenic views of the mountains.


Agathi beach

This is among the most stunning beaches of Rhodes and can be found
on the east shore of the island. This beach is a hidden gem in Rhodes as it is
a preserved virgin beach without large crowds and noisy beach bars. The beach
also features some canteens where you can get necessary items like sun beds and
umbrellas. The beach is a perfect place to go if you are looking for free
camping as it is the best place to spend some time with good friends or loved



Prasonisi can be found on the southernmost point of the island and
it is just 92 km away from the Rhodes city. This is the best destination that
you can visit if you love water sports like surfing and windsurfing. This is
also the perfect place to go for bathers and also enjoy moments of relaxation
away from the touristy beaches.

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4 Tips on How to Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Alive for Longer

When we buy some lovely fresh cut flowers, it can be a
challenge keeping them alive. There are a few techniques you can use to keep
fresh cut flowers alive for longer. Have you used any of these tips from Handy Flowers? Do you they work for
you? Let us know!

Use Fizzy Juice

This may seem like a bizarre thing to do! Many people think
that fizzy drinks will kill the flowers there and then. But this is not the
case. If you pour around a quarter of a cup of fizzy drink into your water in a
vase, it is thought that the sugar in the fizzy drink will make the blossoms
last for a lot longer than they normally would without. For those of you with a
clear glass vase, it could be a good idea to use a clear fizzy drink, such as
Sprite or Lemonade. Oh, and make sure the fizzy drink is not a diet version. We
need the sugar!

Hair Spray

Hairspray certainly has more
uses than just preservng your hairstyle. It can in fact help make fresh cut flowers
stay alive for linger. To use hair spray for this purpose, all you need to do
is to stand around a foot away from your flowers, and spray from there for a
few seconds. For best effect, we would recommend that you spray the undersides
of the leaves and petals of the flower.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Maybe not something that will
be in everyone’s kitchen cupboards, but if you go out and buy some Apple Cider
Vinegar, it is thought to help keep flowers alive for longer. To make use of
this, simply mix two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar with a further two
tablespoons of sugar. Place this mixture along with the water in your vase, and
then you can proceed to add the flowers. Also, if you prepare a fresh mixture of
the vinegar with the sugar and water every two days, this will maximize the
longevity of the flowers.


You may be wondering…bleach!?

Fear not, because it is proven
that freshly cut flowers will last longer if you add a quarter of teaspoonful
of bleach per litre of water in your vase. Others tend to opt for three drops of
bleach, along with one teaspoon of sugar per litre of water. By using bleach with
your flowers, you will be less likely to get cloudy vase water and it will halt
the growth of bacteria.

What tips do you use? Tell us
your secrets for floral success!

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See The Free Video Downloader–VidPaw

Undoubtedly, we live in a world with abundant
amusing content easily accessible in video form, yet it is the fact that the
popular video platforms like YouTube and Facebook refuse individual’s free
download requirements. Of course, we always prepare a way for such a barrier.
Today, our task is to lead you to the best Online Video Downloader,

Part 1. An Overview of VidPaw

Part 2. VidPaw: Download Video In This Way

Part 3. ViaPaw Already Opens Extension Service!

Part 1. An Overview of VidPaw

You might ask, what’s VidPaw? Simply, VidPaw is a video downloader website.
But amazingly it opens free download chance to all with great connections with
almost all the video websites and platforms. For example, it fits well with the
popular YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, DailyMotion and so on. With VidPaw the best
video downloader, you get a pathway to the rich collection of video resources.


You can take ease to download video with VidPaw on
your browser as the excellent downloader performs a good job on almost all
browsers. There are quality and format options for the download video and
audio. If the original video source takes with subtitles, you get the chance to
download the corresponding SRT file. Also, VidPaw leaves you simple download
ways for your convenience.

of VidPaw

  • Download videos from over 1,000 sites, including
    YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Compatible with all browsers such as Google
    Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and so on.
  • Include no ads, which aims at providing a simple
    interface and secure site for users.
  • Completely free for its download service.

Part 2. VidPaw: Download Video with URL Link

You can download video with VidPaw on your Windows
/ Mac computer or Android / iOS mobile device. Usually, you just need to enter
the VidPaw website for download. But for iOS users, please download Documents
first in the App Store. Then either PC or mobile users can follow the ways
below using URL link.

Way 1. URL Copy & Paste

Step 1. Open the browser on your device. Enter the video website
and open the video page.

Step 2. Find the address bar on the top. Copy the URL link of
the video in the bar.

Step 3. Switch to VidPaw.com. In the search bar, paste the video
URL link. Click “Start”.

Step 4. Scroll down the page. Then you will see the selection
area for format and quality. After that, click “Download” to ensure
the result.

VidPaw Download YouTube

In this way, VidPaw will download video quickly
from the video website. Rarely anyone will fail the download work with VidPaw.
The strong connection with multiple video platforms is why we put VidPaw as the
best video Downloader. You can check the amazing full list here. Also, you can
run VidPaw on any portable device with a browser. Yet iOS phone users should
install “Download” file in ahead for the subsequent work.

Way 2. [YouTube Only] Change URL Link

Actually, when you enter VidPaw, you may notice a
quick trick download path for YouTube video. It works in the way of inserting
“paw” behind “youtube” in the address bar of the original
video source. Clearly, you change “youtube.com” to “youtubepaw.com”.

VidPaw Change URL

As such, the search work will be simplified and
you will be directed to the download page on VidPaw. Afterwards, please follow:
click “Start” option > select format & quality > click
“Download” option. A few minutes later, you can see the VidPaw
download YouTube video well on your device.

Part 3. VidPaw Already Opens Extension Service!

Good news comes that VidPaw now offers extension
service! That means you can set VidPaw as the download widget of your browser,
provided that your browser is extension supported. Anyway, let’s try to
download video with VidPaw extension.

Tampermonkey should be pre-installed for use of
extension. The following list is download ways for some common browsers.

After that, click here to download and install VidPaw extension. All set,
next time you enter the video page, you will see the pawlike icon below the
video playback window. Click it, and you will be moved to the download page on
VidPaw. Just select the format and quality for the download resource, and
quickly you will get it saved on your PC or mobile phone. By the way, if
unfortunately your browser is extension incompatible, you can alternatively
bookmark the VidPaw website for convenient use.

VidPaw Extension


Why we use VidPaw to Download video? Believe it or not, it’s the
best video downloader with full-scale superior service. With VidPaw, you share
the chance to download nearly all the online video resources with high quality
without wasting even a penny. Just be sure that you get a PC, tablet, Android /
iOS mobile phone with a good network connection, open the browser and enter VidPaw,
you can get any video available.

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Top 3 Best Beef-Producing Cattle Breeds from Around the World

In recent years, beef consumption has grown considerably, mainly because
cattle are part of the small group of domesticated animals that are naturally
fed. And the feeding process of cattle has a major impact on the quality of the
meat we all end up eating.

Large businesses or small farms in rural areas
raise cattle for sale, knowing that these animals are especially
appreciated and bought for beef. There are some popular beef-producing breeds
that are raised in great numbers, breeds that are so well-known that you have
most certainly heard about them before, even without having a special interest
in cow’s meat. But these aren’t the only ones worth talking about. Out of all
the 1000 existing cattle breeds in the world, there are some that are
absolutely excellent for beef, while remaining relatively low-key. As such,
bear in mind that the most promoted breeds aren’t always the best-tasting ones,
since there is a strong marketing strategy in place for promoting certain

One question that might come up is: does the breed make any difference
when it comes to meat quality or taste? The simplified answer is yes. So, let’s
take a look at some of the cattle breeds raised for their excellent meat.

Top 3 best beef-producing
cattle breeds in the world

Although cattle livestock are raised for both milk and meat, there are some larger breeds that are prevalently beef-producing when compared to others.

1. Angus

Their ability to gain healthy body weight through the grazing process,
along with the non-problematic process of giving birth, makes the Angus breed a
real “money-maker” for farmers.

Originally from Scotland’s Highlands, the Aberdeen Angus (known
internationally as Black Angus) is a solid, healthy and sinewy breed that
provides outstanding quality beef.

The easiest way to recognise Angus cattle is the complete absence of horns. Although they are considered small to medium size cows (the female’s height ranges between 1.10 and 1.25 meters, while male’s height reaches up to 1.35 meters), they compensate through highly developed muscles, visible on both chest and limbs. Otherwise, their weight ranges between 550 kilos for females and 850 kilog for males.

2. Simmental

The Simmental cattle are known as a cross-breed between a large German
cattle breed and a smaller sized cattle breed, indigenous to Switzerland. The name of the breed comes
from the Simme Valley in Switzerland, the area where these cattle were raised
for the first time.

The Simmental, recognised by its red colour and its heavy dewlap, is considered as the best breed in the world. Why is that so? Because from all of the cattle livestock around the world, this one is the easiest to handle (due to its calm and gentle temper). Plus, it has a heavy body mass, despite the medium size body while also being a rather prolific breed of cows. One of the main economic assets of this breed is the fact that these cows can become pregnant at the age of 2, giving birth to up to 13 calves throughout their life. And when it comes to weight, they also provide a good weight to meat ratio, making them ideal for farmers all around the world.

3. Blue Belgium

Originally from Belgium, the
Belgium Blue breed is an extremely developed breed, with a very solid
construction. The cow colour may vary from white, black or blue or a
combination of these.

Being such a large animal with
prominent muscles, there’s no wonder that it can provide a large quantity of
great quality meat. The parts of the body that are heavily muscled are the
shoulder, the back, the loin and the rump, with their appearance being known as

Because of this particular
characteristic, the cattle have an extraordinary ability to convert their
feeding material into lean muscle, which leads to a low-fat meat. No wonder
that in this case, the beef prices are slightly higher.

Each of these breeds has its own specificities which, in the end, make a
difference in terms of meat taste. Of course that marketing will always play a
role in promoting some breeds to the detriment of others, but that’s why it is
so important to pay close attention to the provenance of the meat we consume.

Seradria – the largest livestock exporting company in Romania

With more than 23 years of experience in this field, Seradria is best
known in Romania as the largest business who fattens and exports livestock –
sheep and cattle, throughout the world.

With a great number of amazing breeds throughout its 10 ha farm, Seradria
maintains a good exporting relation to EU countries, but also with countries in
the Middle East, having included Iran among its main meat importing countries
in the area in 2019.

The company is authorized by the National
Sanitary Veterinary Authority for Food Safety and for each export is
accompanied by all the required documents.

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How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement & Get Real Instagram Followers

When you are posting on Instagram with the aim to grow your account, then it is essential to increase your post engagement first. It is the ultimate goal of a lot of marketers and Instagrammers. However, Instagram’s algorithm has changed and it is harder to get more views and increase your post reach.

But, there are some tricks that you can use to boost your post engagement. More than that, it also helps to improve your post reach, and you can buy Instagram followers from instaboostgarm and build up a community really fast. Here are some tips to boost your Instagram engagement ratio…

with similar accounts in your niche

Before sharing your next post, we would recommend that you consider engaging with similar accounts in your niche. Take some time to do this each and you will notice that engagement nourishes engagement.

When you interact with other people on Instagram, more people will in turn view your profile. The more you interact with others, the more chances of your account being seen. This leads to more post engagement from new visitors on your account.

But, it is important to keep in mind to focus on quality Instagram engagement, because when you invest time with the best accounts to engage with, you will get desired results.

Engage with content directly before and after you post

It is crucial to get engagement within the first hour of posting, because the Instagram algorithm will recognize that your post is worthy and your post will then appear at the top of the search results. When a post gets more engagement, it means people are taking a keen interest in it.

long-tail hashtags

Focus on creating long-tail hashtags, because if you use popular and short-tail hashtags, your post will be buried in the sea of millions of post with similar hashtags. Long-tail hashtags that are detailed and perfectly reflect the context of your photo and brand will be more likely to succeed.

For example, if you are a fashion brand and you want to post photos of winter casual outfits, you could use the hashtags #winteroutfits, or you could use #wintercasualoutfits. The later is a long-tail hashtag which has less associated posts, which means your post will be more likely to get more views, comments, and likes.

good and compelling captions

Post captions play an important role when it comes to engaging more people and keeping them coming back for more. Captions encourage people to spend time on your post, which in turn gives you more likes and new followers.

A simple yet compelling caption will give your image a context, deeper meaning and engage your followers. Captions can either be short or long. You can also write quotes to improve personalization.

You can make it humorous, thought provoking or light-hearted to engage more people. Don’t forget to include call to actions at the end of your captions. Also, add emojis effectively in your post captions to keep the caption light and fun.

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Notre Dame Donations – How Much Has Been Donated So Far?

It has only been a few days since a large fire destroyed much of the world famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, but already donations are flooding in from around the world to help pay for repairs to the 850-year-old French landmark. It is thought that upwards of $1 billion has been donated so far from a small number of France’s richest citizens and companies.

One of those donations came from Francois-Henri Pinault, who
is the CEO of Kering. This is a big company that owns some prestigious brands
like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He pledged approximately 100 million euros, which is
around $113 million at current exchange rates. These are eye watering sums of
money, but considering the family is worth in excess of $37 billion, it really
is a drop in the ocean.

This donation was then followed by another donation of 200 million euros ($226
million), which was made by Bernard Arnault. He is the current CEO of LVMH Moët
Hennessy Louis Vuitton. He is better known as being the richest man in Europe,
with an estimated fortune of $90 billion. In fact, he is currently the third
richest person in the world, trailing only Jeff Bezos and Microsoft founder
Bill Gates.

There have been other donations to from French cosmetics giant
L’Oreal, who are owned by the Bettencourt family. They have also donated 200
million euros for the Notre Dame rebuild. Later that day, oil company Total
stated its intention to donate 100 million euros to the rebuilding fund. These donations
alone have resulted in a war chest of 600 million euros.

It is thought that the French public will also be as generous
in their donations. Despite the large sums that are being donated, it is
thought around $8 Billion will be needed to get the project finished.

The French President Emmanual Macron has said that they will
attempt to re-build Notre Dame within 5 years, which is considered by many to
be a little optimistic, but with the level of donations that are flooding in,
who can bet against this from happening? Will more donations be on the way? Tim
Cook from Apple says that he is intending to donate to the fund. There are some
critics who believe many are using this tragedy as a marketing campaign to
improve their image, but the money needs to be raised somehow.

If you would like to donate, you can do so by visiting https://dartagnans.fr/en/projects/notre-dame-de-paris-je-t-aime/campaign.

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What is a Class 7 MOT?

MOTs are needed for nearly all vehicles in the UK, but there are different classes for different types of vehicle. For example, for a normal family car that can carry up to a maximum of eight passengers, a Class 4 MOT is required. This is by far the most common type of MOT that is carried out. But, what vehicles fall under the Class 7 MOT? Let’s take a look at this in a little more detail, with help from Class 7 MOT Reading.

A Class 7 MOT is
usually needed for vehicles that weight between 3000 and 3500 kilograms. Usually,
this weight range includes your commercial vans, such as the Ford Transit,
Renault Traffic and the Mercedes Sprinter.

If you are not 100%
sure of the weight of your vehicle, fear not, because the weight of your
vehicle will likely be detailed in your vehicle handbook. If you don’t have
this handbook to hand, a quick search online will likely result in you being
able to find your weight. But, make sure the information provided is accurate,
as the weights of vehicles vary depending on the year they were made, as well
as things such as the make, model and VIN of the vehicle. This will allow you
to determine what class of MOT that your vehicle needs.

Another way to
check is by looking at your vehicle’s ministry plate. Make sure you do not use
the manufacturer’s plate.

Are There Vehicles That Don’t Need an MOT?

enough, there are certain types of vehicle that don’t need an MOT. Of course, vehicles
that are under 3 years of age do not require an MOT, which is common knowledge,
but there are others, such as:

  • Cars
    and motorcycles that were manufactured before the 1st of January 1960
  • Motorized
  • Electric
    goods vehicles
  • Private
    hire vehicles or, what are known as “hackney carriages”, which are usually taxed
    by local authorities
  • Vehicles
    that are used by the police, but only if they are maintained in an authorised

There is a maximum fee associated with a Class 7 MOT, which
is currently £58.60. The maximum fee a garage can charge for a Class 4 MOT is
£54.85. These fees are regularly reviewed, so keep an eye on the maximum charge,
so you are not overcharged.

If you are in need of a Class 7 MOT for your van, we would
recommend that you contact Fix My Van
who provide excellent MOTs.

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